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Trademark Launch: You are stuck in a relationship with a narc—Let’s talk about your escape


Welcome to Hell is Warm on the Homefront empowerment workshops. This week, we are discussing validation, which refers to being seen and heard. Being seen and heard builds strong communities by facilitating a welcome and diverse environment.

For the workshop, we are arguing on behalf of all who have been abused. Traditionally, empowerment has provided women with community services. We live in a day and age where both men and women receive equal abuse.

Amber Heard is proof. We need unity now more than ever.

We are tackling a sensitive issue by providing you as the viewer/listener with an opportunity for self-appraisal, along with a chance to connect with those like us, who have been treated with both misanthropy and misogyny.

Abuse is gender non-conforming.

Keep tuning in each week as we unravel the mystery of the manipulation tactics used by groupthink abusers who employ popularity and carry out mentally ill behavior through dark psychology. The workshop is an eight-week eight-part piecemeal confessional offering the listener the tools to escape through the Outpost 422 distress network.

Hell is warm on the home front.

Escape and evade through exit strategy by knowing step-by-step a mechanism I have used that was handed down to me through research. Research leads to recovery from a hopeless state of mind and body.

Trauma bonding takes a lifetime of recovery.

Each week, we will unravel pieces of the mind of those who manipulate and control through buzzwords like gaslighting and love bombing, which I did not know until discovery through my honors literature review. The tools provided will awaken those who need help and offer them a chance at a new beginning in life.

Thank you for tuning into the show.

Please leave your resources on the Facebook page for distribution.

Collectively, we will build an underground network of virtual support and help those like us escape uncertainty.  


As we begin opening the book of dark psychology and blowing the whistle on manipulation and abuse, we will begin to see how the textbook abuser will do all they can to deny their behavior. Sadly, authors publish text, which teaches readers how to manipulate and control others.

The macabre behavior leaves the vulnerable in a state of confusion through avoidance and becoming estranged. Using avoidance and disappearance, the person being manipulated questions their sanity.

By making someone question their sanity, the colonization of the person begins by leading the individual through a maze called “gaslighting,” which is our workshop discussion for this week.

Through absolution and forgiveness, we can manage our escape by realizing one empowering thought, “No human being in their right minds manipulates people. Only a psychopath would resort to this behavior.”

This week, we take the power back through forgiveness and meditate on the liabilities of untreated trauma. We are all dealing with isolation recovery from the pandemic.

Egomania is the first sign of untreated symptoms.

Through compassion, we realize the person harming us could be spiritually riddled by quarantine social isolation. We seek solace knowing we are the empowered.

We are awakened and through this workshop, we will treat each other with compassion.

Through divine connections with the higher self, which is our true potential, we can achieve our dreams with or without them.

They manifested betrayal.

We return to them their dark energy, their deceit and their lies in the form of an empowerment video. We must confess we do not know why they behave this way.

So, mote it be. So above as below.

We release them and be free in the name of solidarity. We are all one united energy healing and loving the world for all the brokenness.

Tony Robbins once said, “If you are going to blame them for the good, you must blame them for the bad too.

We are not capable of carrying the weight of being dominated by fear. We strengthen each other through faith and empowerment by posting blogs and peer reviewed journals that build strong leaders who choose not to harm one another.

(4) Validation, communication through empathy | Naomi Feil | TEDxAmsterdamWomen – YouTube


Our lesson for this session develops the quieting of the mind during times of anxiousness. The mechanisms from each workshop quell hypervigilance, mainly when dealing with abandonment and codependent behavior.

Codependency is the opposite of abuse. Codependency is the thief robbing us of our artistic gifts. When used in times of meditation, we can overcome the impossibility of ambivalence.

Ambivalence is like that moment right before the avalanche. We know the snow will eventually collapse, but instead of packing up everything and moving to a new location, we hold tight until help arrives. Today’s workshop will begin the eight-week journey of packing up everything and steering clear of abuse in the form of an avalanche.

The absolution we deal with when aversion manifests is the fear the abuser will lash out again, so, we do all we can to avert the avalanche by quelling our partner’s the rage with whatever means possible, even if it means self-sacrifice, instead of standing in the face of adversity with truth.

Today, I send you a token of endearment for quieting your mind.

Please journal and follow the example provided in the Outpost 422 link. Your guide to safety through the empowerment workshop will open your heart to truth.

Truth cannot be denied.

Being rigorously honest is the first step to letting the avalanche collapse and ridding yourself of the tyrant destroying your precious life.  

The Empowerment Workshop

(4) Connect With Your Spirit Guides & Receive Messages and Guidance, Activate Higher Self & Intuition – YouTube

Welcome to the Hell is Warm on the Homefront Empowerment Workshop.

The service is provided by the Sacred Warrior Fellowship Inc. as a domestic partner, student and veteran in distress outreach teaching those dealing with abuse how to manage their higher mind and escape survival thinking.

The workshop provides the viewer with a prompt for recalling an event and writing a proficient and accurate account of the occurrence.

The workshop journaling format is useful in the workplace or on campus. Either way, over the next eight weeks, you will escape the clutches of your abuser.

Empowerment is the process of confession, absolution, acknowledgement and awakening.

Upon awakening, the new life chapter begins. Tony Robbins taught me the value of each moment. They are your moments and can spend them however you like. Why would we waste them on those who do not appreciate you and use groupthink cultish behavior to abuse you?

Leaving and saving face will provide solid ground.

We are not them. We are enlightened as a team through fellowship. When we escape, we end their reign of power.

The only way to navigate conflict with an abuser is through mandated reporting and knowing who to talk to when the abuse manifests.

As a collective at the “I Will Not Forget” federal lobby through Outpost 422, we ask you to adopt the POW MIA issue and bring inclusivity into the minds of those who abuse us. The website doubles as a confessional service through mandated reporting outreach.

The POW MIA are our guardians in the afterlife. Their legacy stood up to tyranny and oppression. We honor them as our symbolic leadership icon.

By owning the moment of captivity, realizing the legacy of a POW MIA, the intuitive enlightenment will guide you through intuition.

Let the journal be your confessional diary and seek objective truth.

By seeing the abusive rhetoric on paper and turning the rhetoric into journal, your exit strategy will quickly manifest.

The absolution and awakening happen revealing the person’s motives, who commits the abuse. The journal commits to truth-seeking not letting them get away with harming us.

We are refugees in their eyes, no different than my eyewitness of militants in Haiti.

Remember, no self-respecting person hurts people. Hurt people hurt other people as a cry for help.

Your journal and reflection provided to a mandated reporter will stop the abuse. Faith is the only way out. Believing in sanctuary will manifest safety. Seeing yourself in a happy state will provide happiness.

The following journal example will begin the phase of workshopping through proper research.

Research backs claims when brought into a court of law. Reporting abuse will be daunting. Only those who are brave enough to invest in diffusing the tyrant will manifest justice.

Let’s take this moment to pause for self-examination and let truth manifest through meditation. Take this moment and spend 10 minutes at the minimum listening to the YouTube spirit guide video. The video will quiet the mind.

Once you have completed scanning all five senses, we will begin writing our journal.

Journal Prompt

Recall a moment in your life when you felt unsafe. Describe the situation. When you are done, locate three sources regarding trauma bonding and report your fear findings first, then past your journal, then tell us why you loathed staying so long with a narc. Post your findings on the Hell is Warm on the Homefront page. Go live if you want to share your experience.


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